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Blooming Flower Tea

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Blooming Tea KitBlooming Tea Kit - Comes complete with heat-resistant glass teapot, tea brewing guide, and 6 premium blooming teas. Handmade of beautiful Borosilicate glass (450ml). Available in 3 sizes! This is the most beautiful of any blooming tea kit! Makes a great gift. $29.95 BUY NOW

Add A Large Teapot(600ml)To The Set!BUY NOW $34.95

Add A Larger Teapot(800ml)To The Set!BUY NOW $39.95

Add A Big Teapot(1000ml)To The Set!BUY NOW $44.95

Add A Huge Teapot!(1200ml)To The Set!BUY NOW $49.95

       Blooming Teas Only $1.99!  ... Buy 12 get 1 FREE!

Golden Treasurer Blooming Tea GOLDEN TREASURE - BT39 China Product Description: Made by the tender top grade Silver Needle tea,Marigold, Jasmine, and Globe Amaranth.The blooming Amaranth Flower looks so graceful and beautiful decorated by the Marigold and Jasmine Flowers you will enjoy a spectacular picture with Pearls slowly opening up after being infused. Its special aroma will make you like it more. Take your time, enjoy it!$1.99 BUY NOW

Blooming Lotus blooming flower tea BLOOMING LOTUS (Chu Shui Fu Rong) - BT38 China Product Description: Crafted by hand from tender green tea buds, a colorful Globe Amaranth flower springs up in the green tea leaves after it is infused. This flower is known for it's body cooling properties. The big blooming flower will make someone feel cool on a hot summer day. Enjoy its sweet aroma. $1.99 BUY NOW

Seven Angels Blooming Tea
(Qi Xian Nu) - BT36 China Product Description: Made by hand from tender spring-picked green tea buds and jasmine flowers, seven jasmine flowers open gradually in one line just like seven angels dance elegantly! It is also featured by its brilliant liquor and fresh aroma. An all time favorite! Simple, Special, Elegant!  $1.99 BUY NOW

Blooming Richness blooming flower teaBLOOMING RICHNESS - BT100 China Product Description: This splendidly crafted tea name means tea-flowers could bring people good fortune. It was a tribution tea enjoyed by Emperor QIANLONG in Qing Dynasty. Since green tea buds are in high harmony with Globe Amaranth flowers, the teas own special aroma accompanies its beautiful shape. Enjoy a sunshine afternoon with this Tea! $1.99 BUY NOW

Fairy and Moon Blooming TeaFAIRY & MOON Jin Yuan Bao - BT29 China Product Description: Getting its name Fairy & Moon because of its shape before infusion, this specially crafted tea is made of Globe Amaranth flower, jasmine flower, and silver needle tea, the Globe Amaranth flower opens in the tea leaves when infused, then it releases unique aromas and enacting a cooling of the body and mind.   $1.99 BUY NOW

Inspiration Blooming TeaINSPIRATION - BT40 China Product Description: Made with only top grade green tea, jasmine flower, and lilly flower. The blooming jasmine flower looks so graceful and beautiful decorated by the lilly flower. You will enjoy a spectacular picture with a "Pearl" slowly opening after being infused, and a special aroma that you'll love! $1.99 BUY NOW

Love & Marraige Blooming Tea          LOVE & MARRAIGE - BT01 China Product                      Description: The ultimate Marraige of Husband  &           Wife are celebrated in ancient Chinese scrolls with           the Jasmine flower.  Brought together they signify             one entirety!  The Globe Amaranth brings calm,                serenity, & peace to the new unity.This is the most           beautiful top quality grade blooming tea ever made!           Perfect for weddings!  $1.99 BUY NOW

Princess Flower Jasmine and Lily Blooming TeaPRINCESS FLOWER (Bai Hua Xian Zi) - BT41 China Product Description: Made by the tender top grade green tea buds, lily, and jasmine flowers. A very beautiful semi-circle of  flowers decorated by lily and jasmine flowers  are presented before your eyes. Its lasting lovely aroma will make you feel comfortable for the whole day! Very Popular. $1.99 BUY NOW

Morning Dance Blooming TeaMORNING DANCE - BT10 China Product Description: It is made by tender top grade green tea, jasmine flower, and globe amaranth flower. When the tea ball blooms completely, a beautiful red flower will become evident before your eyes, rising high and dancing to the top with your hopes and dreams! You will become relaxed and joy will overcome you. $1.99 BUY NOW

Oriental Beauty Blooming Tea         ORIENTAL BEAUTY - BTS01 China Product                    Description: Like a beautiful basket of fresh cut                 flowers from the garden, this blooming tea is                     scented with jamine and silver needle green tea.               This tea imparts its sweet flavour and complexity              and depth. The combination is simply wonderful...             Cool refreshing & beautiful! $1.99 BUY NOW          

Flower Talk Blooming Flower Tea
(Hua Zhi Yu) - BTS03 China Product Description: Hua Zhi Yu, is made of Globe Amaranth & Jasmine flower and tender green tea leaves. Globe Amaranth flower can help to strengthen the cardiac muscles, postpone aging, and improve the blood circulation! Have a cup of this tea and talk with a friend. $1.99 BUY NOW

Harvest & Happiness Lilly and Osmanthus Blooming TeaHARVEST & HAPPINESS(Dan Gui Piao Xiao) -BT02 China Product Description: Made of sweet scented osmanthus, lily flower, and silver needle. As the silver needle begins to bud and the osmanthus flower opens, then the sweet refreshing osmanthus flower smell is like a bouquet of fresh flowers. After the lily flower fully unfolds, you'll see a natural garden of excitement & pleasure!  $1.99 BUY NOW

Red Flower On The Sea Blooming Tea         RED FLOWER ON THE SEA - BT23 When the tea           ball blooms completely, a beautiful flower will be               evident before your eyes. It is like a flower floating             towards you on the sea from a long distance, yet              smells real close to you. It is evident it is coming              nearer to you, as both the scent and the flower are            with you now. Enjoy the fresh scent of the jasmine            and silver needle green tea.  $1.99 BUY NOW 

Snowflakes chrysanthemum blooming tea         SNOWFLAKES - BT68 China Product Description:           Pure and white as a new snow fall. While the ball              unfurls, the abundant chysanthemum string of                  flowers take over.  The purity of these flowers clears          the liver and promotes visual health. Also well                   known for its cooling properties that help decrease            body heat. Good for heat related illness and used             as an anti-inflamatory. Naturally refreshing with a              sweet smell and taste.  $1.99 BUY NOW  

Mind Acts Upon Mind Blooming teaMIND ACTS UPON MIND - BT106 China Product Description: Made by the tender top Grade green tea and jasmine flower, globe amaranth flower and lily flower, you will feel the jasmine aroma and taste the little sweet flowerbuds. Enjoy how each part of the flower is so close and attached to each other. Perhaps you'll be moved, and think about the tight bond and trust between family members, lovers, and friends! This tea makes you think how wonderful life is. Everyones favorite blooming Tea!  $1.99 BUY NOW

Rising Sun Blooming TeaRISING SUN - BTS02 China Product Description: Made from high quality Silver Needle Green Tea and marigold flower. It looks like a ripe peach prior to infusion. Once the the lovely marigold flower blooms before your eyes, you'll feel like you are watching the rising sun for the first time!  This is a tea you cannot miss.  It has a soft and sweet flavour and a gentle intoxicating aroma of sweet spring flowers.  $1.99 BUY NOW

Color Blazing Carnation Blooming TeaCOLOR BLAZING(WAN ZI QIAN HONG) - BT35 China Product Description: It is made of Green tea and carnation, Carnation is the most suitable flower for teacher and mother, because both of them nurture us most. The most common imagery of their spirit is spring time. The metaphor of spring is wan zi qian hong. This idiom indicates a variety of colors, which is a typical scene in spring. As the flower blooms in the water, the cup overfills with fragrance, like the love from mother and teacher! $1.99 BUY NOW

Aromatic Garden Orange peacock flower blooming tea

BT31 China Product Description: The orange peacock flower unfolds from the handcrafted tea ball and releases a sweet aroma. This flower symbolizes accomplishment and is often used as a Royal insignia. $1.99 BUY NOW

Moonglow - blooming tea jasmine marigold
MOON GLOW - BT25 China Product Description: Made by top tender green tea buds, marigold flower, and jasmine flower. The moon reflects on the sea and its standing on the flower presented in your eyes after it is infused. You will then feel as if spring is all around you accompanied by the flowers aroma! Enjoy every season with the glow of the moon! $1.99 BUY NOW

Flying To the Moon - globe amaranth blooming teaFLYING TO THE MOON - BT30 China Product Description: Made with only top tender green tea buds, Globe Amaranth Flower, Semn Oroxyli, and Sweet-scented osmanthus Flower. When the semn oroxyli is fully bloomed, you will see a butterfly is dancing in the water, and it is so graceful that you will feel like you're in a dream! Semn Oroxyli is also helpful to wet the throat, reduce blood pressure, lose weight and whiten skin. A really great choice for superb health care! $1.99 BUY NOW

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   A delicate flower blooms inside this ball tea just before tiny flowers slowly cascade upward like Champagne bubbles. The flowers add their enlivening fragrance and strong taste to this delectably smooth green tea. Our Ball offers one of the most artful spectacles in tea. This blooming tea has an original shape of a tiny ball and when put in boiling water a bouquet of tea leaves and flowers expand.

   The aromas of both flowers and tea leaves are very well preserved and these exceptional teas develop a wonderful flavor and create at the same time a beautiful "table decoration". Once dropped into a glass of hot water, this ball tea unveils a broad flower followed by the sudden eruption of a  flower plume, which is actually flowers sewn together end to end.

   The golden liquor yields a full-bodied flavor intensified by the large medicinal bloom. Let the blooming tea brew for at least 10 minutes, a longer brewing time will not spoil the tea, on the contrary, the flavor will improve.One blooming tea can be used twice.

   All natural, with no additives. Chinese Artistic Teas, which are also called Blooming Teas, are all made by hand with the most complicated technology. It is a newly-innovated special green tea, which features a unique appearance, and a lingering flower scent. The health benefits such as delaying the aging of cells, whitening of the skin, and improving immunity, are all present in this highest grade special green tea of fresh spring crops and natural herbal flowers.

                          Wedding Teas, & Gifts

Blooming Tea Wedding GiftBlooming Tea Wedding GiftBlooming Tea Wedding GiftBlooming Tea Wedding Gift

                        FLOWER TEA

     Click on the picture below to Purchase Tea!

 Osmanthus Flower TeaOsmanthus Flowers This golden-yellow flower is renowned for its unforgettable aromatic fragrance. Osmanthus flower has been used as the main component of some famous Chinese dishes since ancient times.When Gui Hua is infused with your tea of choice it yields cups of sweet and refreshing liquor, with strong aromatic flowery fragrance. You can drink it plain or blended with Green and Oolong teas, lending its sweetness and pleasant floral aroma. $10.00/3.53oz(50grams)

lavenderLavender is a very special herbal tisane which has calming effects that helps relieve stress, fatigue, headache and insomnia. Drinking a cup of Lavender tea before going to bed is known to promote restful sleep. This tea blends well with mint leaves. Soothing and highly aromatic teawith a light and slightly sweet taste. Try a handful in your bathtub for a wonderful relaxing treat!  $9.50/3oz(50grams)

chrysanthemum flowers teaChrysanthemum tea is one of China’s most popular            Herbal Teas. This tea is well-known for its cooling properties that help to decrease body heat and is recommended for those with fever, sorethroat, and other heat-related illnesses. Our Chrysanthemum tea is a special grade known as the Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) Chrysanthemum. Very refreshing and has a natural sweet fragrance and taste. Try it with Lychee fruit to add sweetness. $9.50/3.53oz(50grams)

forget-me-note flower teaForget-me-not The Forget-me-nots are the genus Myosotis of flowering plants in the family Boraginaceae. The name was borrowed from Old French "ne m'oubliez pas" and first used in English in c.1532. Legend has it that in medieval times, a knight and his lady were walking along the side of a river. He picked a posy of flowers, but because of the weight of his armour he fell into the river. As he was drowning he threw the posy to his loved one and shouted "Forget-me-not". This is a flower connected with romance and tragic fate. It was often worn by ladies as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love. It is also told in pious legend that the Christ Child was sitting on Mary's lap one day and said that he wished that future generations could see them. He touched her eyes and then waved his hand over the ground and blue forget-me-nots appeared, hence the name forget-me-not. $10.00/3.53oz(50grams).

Hong Giao Mei Tea
Hong Giao Mei
This Herbal tea is made from real rose buds, plucked when they are young and then dried. It has a natural rosy taste and aroma, making it a lovely and highly enjoyable beverage. The essential oils in Rosebud Tea can help to improve circulation and is good for the heart. Use it in conjunction with green tea. $10.00/3.53oz(50grams).

Rose Bud TeaRose Bud Petals Pink Rose Bud Tea is made from real rose buds, plucked when they are youngand then dried. Lovely and highly enjoyable beverage. Pink Rose Bud Tea adds spark to womens beauty, relieves menstrual pain (add a bit of red wine and brown sugar), eases stomach bloatedness. Very good for woman. The flowers, gathered in the bud, are said to be more astringent than the Red Roses. Made with Black Tea to make a cup of Rose Black Tea. $10.00/3.53oz(50grams).

Marigold TeaMarigold Pot marigold is one of the best known and versatile herbs in Western herbal medicine and is also a popular domestic remedy for skin problems and is applied externally to bites and stings, sprains, wounds, sore eyes, varicose veins etc. It is also a cleansing and detoxifying herb and is taken internally in treating fevers and chronic infections. Only the common deep-orange flowered variety is considered to be of medicinal value. The whole plant, but especially the flowers and the leaves, is antiphlogistic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aperient, astringent, cholagogue, diaphoretic, emmenagogue, skin, stimulant and vulnerary. The leaves can be used fresh or dried. The flowers are also used fresh or dried. A tea of the petals tones up the circulation and, taken regularly,can ease varicose veins. An application of the crushed stems to corns and warts will soon render them easily removable. The leaves, blossoms and buds are used to make a homeopathic remedy taken internally in order to speed the healing of wounds. $10.00/3.53oz(50grams).

Sweet Leaf TeaStevia also called sweetleaf, sweet leaf or sugarleaf. With its extracts having up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar, stevia has garnered attention with the rise in demand for low-carbohydrate, low-sugar food alternatives. Stevia also has shown promise in medical research for treating such conditions as obesity and highblood pressure. Stevia has a negligible effect on blood glucose, even enhancing glucose tolerance, therefore it is attractive as a natural sweetener to diabetics and others on carbohydrate-controlled diets.  Stevia sweeteners have been produced commercially in Japan since 1977 and are widely used in food products, soft drinks (including Coca Cola), and for table use. Japan currently consumes more stevia than any other country; it accounts for 40% of the sweetener market. Stevia is a good substitute for sucralose. For reasons of good health it's better to be aware of the dangers of sucralose. Splenda or sucralose, used as an artificial sweetener, can harm your health seriously in the long run. On the other hand, there are no such dangers of stevia. Stevia is really healthy and good for you. Stevia added to food will become a favorite, because it tastes good without the burden of added calories. Stevia never affects your blood sugar levels the way sugar does. It is non-toxic and enhances the flavor in your food. What's more, it prevents cavities in your teeth. Stevia recipes are particularly beneficial for those who suffer from hypoglycemia, diabetes, candida and other conditions where the physician rules out regular use of sugar as well as that of artificial sweeteners. So give it and try, and have fun adapting your favorite recipes, using stevia as an alternative sweetener. $10.00/3.53oz(50grams).

    Flower and Blooming Teas add color and flavor to life!

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