Blooming Tea Wedding Gift Set

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Blooming Tea Wedding Gift Set

The Most Beautiful Blooming Flower Tea Wedding Gift Set you have ever seen!

The wedding gift set comes complete with the large 600ml Borosilicate glass teapot and infuser, 6 premium blooming flower teas individually wrapped in a lovely sache, the tea brewing guide, gift card, & instructions. All wrapped up in the beautiful wedding Gift Box!

Blooming Tea Wedding Gift Set

Blooming wedding tea is the world’s most unique way of entertaining guests. Not only can you grow a magnificent flower in a glass tea pot but you can also enjoy watching your gift recipient enjoy the blooming flowers.

Watch your tea ball grow in hot boiling water as you drop it into the glass tea pot. It slowly sinks below and begins to bloom with the infused water. Slowly now it sprouts leaves, gives away its seeds and unfolds into a beautiful flower.

And, to further compliment your gift, you'll receive the matching gift bag!

The ultimate Blooming Tea Gift Set makes over 50 cups of delicious Tea and is sure to win smiles from your recipient!

Blooming Tea Wedding Gift Set

Have you ever shown up at a party or event and you felt really great, so much so that it showed? And, the reason was because you had the best gift that you knew everyone was going to love. I's such a cool and unique gift that the entire party would be envious and the gift recipient would become overjoyed upon the first site of your gift? That is the feeling you'l have when you show up with this beautiful blooming tea wedding gift!

The beauty of a wedding, wishes of growth from the guests, the calmness of the afternoon, and the soothing feeling when drinking tea on the porch with friends and/or family – all reflected in a beautiful tea favor in the middle of the table.

Blooming Tea Wedding Gift Set

The Blooming Tea Wedding Gift Set is a true must have for a tea lover for it is not short of both entertainment and beauty found at the center of the table. It has a Borosilicate glass teapot which also has an infuser that can hold up to 600 ml of cold or warm tea, or just in any way you want your tea served. In it, there is also the beautifully, hand sewn petals that gracefully blooms as you drop it into the teapot with tea inside it or when you pour the tea in it; all six blooming petals wrapped beautifully in a sachet. All these are packaged in a beautifully adorned wedding gift box along with a tea brewing guide, a gift card and instructions – all of these for the price of $49.95.

The Blooming Tea Wedding Gift Set is a truly unique and wonderful tea favor to experience, most especially when you are a tea lover. Imagine, in an afternoon where you have your friends over or just a regular family chill out, and as you prepare your tea, taking in the mild warmth coming from the setting sun, right at the center of your table magic happens – a blooming flower which starts with its leaves, followed by the popping of its seeds and the beautifully made petals starts to bloom – months worth of garden experience happens right in front of your eyes inside a teapot.

In addition, it is good way to let the guests of your own wedding have a unique taste of entertainment by making a regular teapot, a supposed to be inanimate object slowly come to life. They will be captured by the beauty that is happening right at the center, from an unexpected entertainment object such as a tea favor, a wedding table centerpiece. It can definitely add to the magic that is happening to the spur of the moment that is brought about by the wishes of growth and beauty for the bride and the groom.

Moreover, it could be a good way to keep your guests’ children occupied during such a grand event – but an estimate of children who are within the age bracket of 3 to 8 years old, 10 years at maximum if their curiosity is still at its peak when they arrive at that age. Children are naturally curios to things that are new to them and to see something magical happen – a blooming flower inside a teapot – surely they will be amazed by this particular wedding favor set at the middle of their tables.

This is also a particularly good wedding gift or a wonderful wedding favor to be presented to your guests, considering that they love tea. As per the online feedback, the price is fair considering the amount of additional benefits that comes along with the purchase of such product.

Blooming Tea Wedding Gift Set

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