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SNOWFLAKES Organic Blooming Tea

SNOWFLAKES Organic Blooming Tea - BT68 China Product Description: Pure and white as a new snow fall. While the ball unfurls, the abundant chysanthemum string of flowers take over. The purity of these flowers clears the liver and promotes visual health. Also well known for its cooling properties that help decrease body heat. Good for heat related illness and used as an anti-inflamatory. Naturally refreshing with a sweet smell and taste. $1.99

Around the world people enjoy tea. This drink is healthy and it tastes amazing. If you are tired of the same types of tea you normally drink then it’s time to try blooming teas like Snowflakes. This tea is unique as it combines green tea with Chrysanthemum flowers. The tea smells amazing and it tastes even better. This tea will give you new taste experiences you didn’t think possible in a tea product before.

SNOWFLAKES Organic Blooming Tea

Take your tea drinking to a new level by enjoying this organic blooming tea. It’s best if you get a glass teapot so you can see the flowers bloom in the pot as they infuse with the hot water. The tea looks amazing in the pot and it’s almost more of a delight to watch the tea than it is to drink it. Snowflakes tea tastes amazing and you’ll want to drink it all the time.

The flowers of this tea have been shown to promote good vision and it can also clean your liver. The green tea is a product that has many health benefits. You can feel confident you’re doing something good for your health when you drink this type of tea. Like all tea you can cool yourself down when you drink the tea so it’s a refreshing drink on hot days yet it can keep you warm in the colder months too. Make any occasion special by serving Snowflakes blooming tea and discover why many people around the world have been enjoying this type of tea. This tea is better than a regular tea blend.

SNOWFLAKES Organic Blooming Tea

Use this tea at any time of the day such as before you go to work as a way to wake up without coffee. Use this tea at lunch to relax after your meal or serve it in the evening while watching television or just reading a book. You’ll find many times where you will find Snowflakes tea is a perfect companion drink. Your friends will love watching this tea bloom in a glass teapot and it will become a conversation piece too.

Get this tea now for a remarkable low price. Buy Snowflakes Organic Blooming tea for only $1.99. You owe it to yourself to enjoy a wonderful tea blend. Buy snowflakes tea today.

This tea is only $1.99 each, so order some now!

SNOWFLAKES Organic Blooming Tea Reviews:

  • “What a great Christmas Gift” Karl
  • “I enjoyed watching the flower blooming with the snow falling outside” Beatrice
  • “What a romantic way to spend a cold Winter night” Lynn
  • “I like the contrast of hot tea with cold snowflakes” Julia
  • SNOWFLAKES Organic Blooming Tea

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