Osmanthus Flower Tea 1.76oz (50 gr)

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Osmanthus Flower Tea

Infuse with your tea of choice to yield a sweet and flowery fragrance. Become your own tea blend expert with this essential flower!

Osmanthus Flower Tea is made from the leaves of a number of other trees. All of these trees are native to Asia, and there is not any real benefit of having one type of tree used in the tea over another. They all provide the same benefits. Let’s take a little look at what some of these benefits are.

This tea, is often known as the ‘Sweet Olive’ tea, and has been used for medicinal reasons for number of years. It is a plant that is still used in traditional Chinese Weddings and is meant to act as a symbol of love. This plant was introduced to Europe in the 1800’s where it quickly became a popular plant, and was therefore introduced to herbal medicine in the western world.

Osmanthus Flower Tea

Whilst there are a number of benefits that Osmanthus Flower Tea can bring, the primary use or it is as a flavour additive. You can infuse this type of tea with almost any type of natural flower teas that you want, particularly those that have slightly unpleasant tastes and odours. It is rich in antioxidants, and therefore many people add this particular tea to some types of food to stop them aging and browning quite so quick.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is claimed that a single cup of Osmanthus Flower Tea each and every day can help our skin complexion. This is without a doubt in part due to the high concentration of antioxidants that are found within the mixture. This helps the melanin formation in our body, which ultimately leads to a much lighter skin tone.

It is also reported that Osmanthus Flower Tea can prevent a variety of chronic diseases. When we become infected or suffer from inflammation, nitric acid is released into our body. This has been shown to help facilitate the spread of cancer, diabetes and renal disease. This particular type of tea has been known to supress nitric acid, which of course helps prevent these diseases from occurring. In effect, it could really help to clean the body of this type of acid. So next time you are suffering from an infection, why not use this tea?

Osmanthus Flower Tea

Whilst allergies to this particular type of tea are rare, it is still possible. Therefore if you start to experience any allergic reactions then you will want to stop drinking this tea as soon as possible as the allergic reaction can get out of hand fairly quickly. Some people like to contact their doctor before drinking this particular herbal remedy to start with to double check that they aren’t going to suffer a reaction.

As you can see, this particular tea has a number of benefits on its own, however, first and foremost it should be used as a food additive. As you are no doubt aware, herbal tea is highly beneficial to our systems, but there are still many people who will not drink them as they don’t like the taste, add this to the mix and you will find them much easier to stomach.

Osmanthus Flower Tea

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