Chinese Tea
Chinese Tea
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Organic Darjeeling Loose Tea - Makaibari Muscatel 50gr.
Organic Darjeeling Loose Tea - Makaibari Muscatel 50gr.
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Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

Buy Chinese Tea at Tea Needs - America's Favorite Online Tea Store® and Discount Chinese Tea Gifts Shop!

Chinese Tea Sale

Chinese Green Tea, Chinese Black tea, Oolong tea, White tea, Pu Erh tea, Jasmine tea, and Herbal teas are all very famous teas from China. Green tea is the most popular type of Chinese tea. Many people, not just Chinese, consider it their favorite. The health benefits of Chinese green tea is known around the world. The Chinese have recognized the medicinal advantages since ancient times, as they've been using green tea to deal with everything from headaches to depression. In fact, Chinese green tea has been used like a medicine in China and Japan for more than 3,000 years.

Nowadays, numerous scientific researches carried out in Asia, Europe and also in the USA have provided hard evidence that health benefits are long related to drinking green tea. Drinking Chinese green tea extract lowers the risk associated with esophageal cancer in Chinese women and men by nearly 60%. That's because there's a compound in green tea that inhibits the growth associated with cancer cells.

There are other health conditions to which drinking Chinese tea is reputed to being beneficial. These conditions include most cancers, cardiovascular disease, infection, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, impaired immune function, gastrointestinal disorders, as well as high cholesterol levels.

Chinese Tea

Why is Chinese Tea Special?

Well, it's hardly just because it tastes so great. The secret of a good Chinese tea sale is simple, really: it is rich within catechin polyphenols, particularly the actual epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is basically an anti-oxidant which has the power to battle and kill cancer tissue without harming healthy tissue in your body. Chinese Tea History also revealed this anti-oxidant has been efficient in lowering LDL cholesterol amounts. There are further Chinese Tea Benefits like, hampering blood clots, strokes and heart attacks.

Furthermore, the results of a steady Chinese tea diet produces a low rate of heart illness among Chinese men despite the fact that approximately 70 percent tend to be huge smokers. So, how is it that they smoke like fiends and still have lower heart disease and cancer rates than the USA? Well, obesity and poor diet are also contributors to illness. But the good news is that Chinese Tea burns fat and increases stamina.

Chinese tea also helps avoid tooth decay. Just as its bacteria-destroying abilities might help prevent food poisoning, additionally, it may fight the bacteria which cause dental plague. Additionally the bacteria that causes skin disease and imperfections are avoided as well. Therefore, many Chinese Tea Benefits like Chinese Tea Weight loss, better dental health and clear skin are the best reasons for changing your diet.

The effects of Chinese tea in your body depends largely on the growth stage of the Chinese Tea Leaves, the brewing period and the amount of tea used to make the brew. Chinese weight loss tea is often higher in caffeine and accelerates blood flow too. The stimulating effect of the Chinese tea is mainly because of what is called alkaloid caffeine that is linked with the tannin present in the Chinese tea leaf. The 10 best teas from China are listed by their Chinese Tea names: Xi Hu Long Jing; Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun; Huang Shan Mao Feng; Tai Ping Hou Kui; Lu An Gua Pian; Xin Yang Mao Jian; Qi Men Hong; Jun Shan Yin Zhen; Da Hong Pao; An Xi Tie Guan Yin.

Because most of the caffeine is dissolved throughout the infusion, within the very first 1-2 minutes, tea is easily decaffienated. The caffeine in tea can easily be reduced by pouring just a little boiling water over the tea to be used and straining off after half a minute. Then proceed brewing Chinese Tea and enjoy your tea time!

Chinese Tea Video

Chinese Tea Sale!

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 Amaretto Biscotti Almond Black Tea   Amaretto Biscotti Almond Black Tea 
50gr/1.76oz/50cups of loose tea. Asian delight is sweet and delicious after a meal. There's a naturally nutty almond flavor distinct with Amaretto, and without the nuts!...See More
 $10.50  Buy Now 
 Bai Hao Silver Needle Organic Tea - Chinese Tea 1st grade - Whit   Bai Hao Silver Needle Organic Tea - Chinese Tea 1st grade - Whit 
$12.25 Organic Loose Tea is very good for your health and our 1st Grade Premium Silver Needle is the finest quality Organic Tea for the price!...See More
 $12.25  Buy Now 
 Bai Ji Guan Organic Tea 3.53oz 100 gr   Bai Ji Guan Organic Tea 3.53oz 100 gr 
100 gr. of Organic Tea, Delicious and rare Bai Ji Guan... Very sought after and sometimes unavailable Chinese Tea due to the limited quantities!...See More
 $44.50  Buy Now 
 Bi Luo Chun Chinese Tea   Bi Luo Chun Chinese Tea 
$9.75 50 gr. Sweet fresh green Chinese Tea Spring taste. Our Green Tea tastes almost like a White Chinese Tea, it is so delicate and fresh!...See More
 $9.75  Buy Now 
 Black Rose Tea - Pressed Heart Shape - Only $.50 Each!   Black Rose Tea - Pressed Heart Shape - Only $.50 Each! 
Travelling companions for anyone! Just pop one Chinese Tea Heart into a tea pot of hot water and enjoy......See More
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 Black Tea From China   Black Tea From China 
3.53 oz 100gr of our black tea is the finest quality 1st Grade Chinese Tea and the lowest price online for Black Tea From China!...See More
 $18.25  Buy Now 
 Chinese Tea Gift   Chinese Tea Gift 
So you need a unique Chinese Tea Gift, one you can call the best? Well, look no further!...See More
 $12.95  Buy Now 
 Chinese Tea Set   Chinese Tea Set 
Chinese Tea Set - comes complete with everything needed to enjoy a Tea Party at America's Favorite Online Tea Store!®...See More
 $69.95  $59.95  Buy Now 
 Dao Hua Xiang Dan Cong Oolong 50gr.   Dao Hua Xiang Dan Cong Oolong 50gr. 
50 gr. of "The finest Oolong in all of China!" That says it all... Dao Hua Xiang Dan Cong Oolong is by far the best Chinese Tea you can find in the USA!...See More
 $32.75  Buy Now 
 Green Tea Gift Box   Green Tea Gift Box 
Green Tea Gift Box is a Gourmet Tea Delight! There is plenty of everyones's favorite Jasmine Green Tea, Delicious and Sweet Lemongrass Green Tea bags, Organic Paozhong loose leaf Tea, a zesty Green Chinese Tea, and more!...See More
 $65.95  $45.95  Buy Now 
 Heicha Dark Tea - Pressed Heart Shape - Only $.50 Each   Heicha Dark Tea - Pressed Heart Shape - Only $.50 Each 
Pressed dark Chinese tea with a robust and naturally oily flavor similar to wet aged Puerh. Chinese Tea to go!...See More
 $10.00  Buy Now 
 Jade Oolong 3.53oz 100 gr   Jade Oolong 3.53oz 100 gr 
100 gr. Jade Chinese Oolong Tea has a naturally sweet and spicy flavor similar to a cinnamon and herbal flower bouquet....See More
 $12.75  Buy Now 
 Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea Special Grade 3.53oz   Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea Special Grade 3.53oz 
100 gr. of Jasmine Dragon Pearls are made from the finest fresh Jasmine Flowers and fresh Green Chinese Tea, then multiple infused, and freshly packaged....See More
 $14.45  $13.99  Buy Now 
 Jasmine Green Tea 1st Grade 1.76oz (50 gr)   Jasmine Green Tea 1st Grade 1.76oz (50 gr) 
50 gr. of our Jasmine green tea is the best high mountain Organic leaf, tripple infused to make the best Jasmine Green Tea in the World!...See More
 $6.95  Buy Now 
 Jasmine Pearl Green Tea 1.76oz 50gr   Jasmine Pearl Green Tea 1.76oz 50gr 
50 gr. of fine grade Jasmine Pearl Green tea and jasmine flowers. Chinese Tea and Jasmine Flowers infusion... It's intoxicating!...See More
 $7.45  Buy Now 
 Jasmine Silver Needle Special Grade White Tea 3.53oz (100 gr)   Jasmine Silver Needle Special Grade White Tea 3.53oz (100 gr) 
100 gr. of very rare Jasmine Silver Needle Chinese Tea. The best quality tea from China!...See More
 $18.25  Buy Now 
 Jun Shan Silver Needle Special Grade Yellow Tea 3.53oz (100 gr)   Jun Shan Silver Needle Special Grade Yellow Tea 3.53oz (100 gr) 
This is the sweet and smoky yellow tea king that you've heard so much about...Shhhh! Top 10 Chinese Tea!...See More
 $32.50  Buy Now 
 Keemun Chinese Black Tea 1st Grade 7.06 oz (200 gr)   Keemun Chinese Black Tea 1st Grade 7.06 oz (200 gr) 
The rarest Chinese Black Tea, Keemun, is from a small area in China known specifically for their Black Teas only!...See More
 $36.00  Buy Now 
 Lapsang Souchong Black Tea   Lapsang Souchong Black Tea 
Lapsang Souchong Black Tea is the best value Chinese Black Tea due to the high number of infusions....See More
 $9.95  Buy Now 
 Long Jing 1st Grade Green Tea 3.53oz (100 gr)   Long Jing 1st Grade Green Tea 3.53oz (100 gr) 
Long Jing is made from fresh green Chinese Tea sprouts hand pinched in the morning hours, naturally prepared and sent to you fresh....See More
 $12.45  Buy Now 
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