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Buy GABA Tea For Your Good Health At Tea Needs
- America's Favorite Online Tea StoreŽ

GABA Tea Benefits


Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, or the GABA transpires naturally in the body and in assorted foods. Tea, Melons, Rice, and many other foods contain naturally good recurring GABA. Tea, however, contains unusually concentrated GABA. 

GABA is one of a small grouping of brain chemicals also known as neurotransmitters, which permit the nerve cells within the brain to ship messages. This is very important in determining how the body functions. GABA, through food or drink, prepares the cells by "inhibiting", or retarding, the reactions within the brain cells and, hence, relaxing the firing of neurons which in turn calms the mind.. The stimulated cells allow us to act alertly, yet motion to will action, generate panic, anxiety and some other emotions are governed.  Basically, GABA tea helps you to relax and get restful sleep.

Remember, GABA is naturally produced in the brain and is present in most good foods, so, it can't be harmful. However, GABA supplements are a substitute to anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals, so air on the side of caution when using the concentrated dose recommendations. In fact, the Pharmaceutical Drug Companies have been claiming that GABA concentrates have virtually no side-effects. 

Our bodies are made to absorb small doses of nutrients over long periods of time.  Concentrated vitamins and minerals, for example, are mostly washed away unless they are absorbed with the foods we ingest. Similarly, GABA Tea is slowly washed over the organs of the body and delivered to in micro elements as a liquid form.  This is the best delivery system and the most healthy way to consume GABA.  GABA Wiki shows some Valerian Extract as containing GABA Class A receptors, however, "GABA Good Health Tea" is the only best source for GABA micro-elements, and far better than any GABA supplement, while producing GABA Neurotransmitter acceptance

Out GABA Oolong Tea is world renowned and sold to more than 50 countries.  We are the largest  USA GABA Tea Distributor and the first to offer GABA Tea Bags and Green Tea GABA.  GABA tea caffeine levels are so low they are almost non existant.  So, don't worry about drinking some GABA Tea before bedtime, it will only help you get the rest your body needs!

GABA Tea comes in many forms and flavors.  There are ready to drink GABA Teas on the market.  Since GABA Tea the Japanese Secret is well known for the GABA Tea Health Benefits, there are no GABA Tea side effects.  So, Choose one of our GABA Tea Flavors and Enjoy Your Tea Time!

GABA Tea Video

GABA Tea Sale - Try All 15 Flavors Of GABA Tea!

Read more about GABA Tea...
    Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 GABA - Anti-Stress Anti-Anxiety Tea   GABA - Anti-Stress Anti-Anxiety Tea 
GABA Tea, because everyone has too much stress in our modern day life. And, a couple of vacations are not enough to combat the onslaught of stress. Slow down and enjoy GABA Anti-Stress Anti-Anxiety Tea...See More
 $10.95  Buy Now 
 GABA - Lower Blood Pressure Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz   GABA - Lower Blood Pressure Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz 
Heat attack and stroke are the #1 enemies of the current generation... You need some ammo for this war and we have just what the doctor ordered!...See More
 $10.95  Buy Now 
 GABA Alcohol Purge Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz   GABA Alcohol Purge Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz 
GABA Alcohol Purge Tea is the best way to clean out your body from harmful alcohol and hangover relief is fast!...See More
 $12.95  Buy Now 
 GABA and WUYI Samples   GABA and WUYI Samples 
This is the best tasting and most delicious way to power up and lose weight. Pay only for the flat rate shipping for SAMPLES (7grams). Enough to make two big pots of tea!...See More
 $0.00  Buy Now 
 GABA Anti-Aging Tea With Anti-Oxidants (50 gr) 1.76 oz   GABA Anti-Aging Tea With Anti-Oxidants (50 gr) 1.76 oz 
How do you keep the Doctor away? Start with a healthy diet including GABA Anti-Aging Tea With Anti-Oxidants and slow down the aging effects!...See More
 $10.95  Buy Now 
 GABA Breakfast Tea   GABA Breakfast Tea 
So, you need a tea to help you wake up in the morning, and you want the health benefits of GABA? This is the right tea for you!...See More
 $10.95  Buy Now 
 GABA Fruit Tea   GABA Fruit Tea 
Want to have a great tasing fruity tea blend that is extremely good for you too? Enjoy healthy GABA Fruit Tea!...See More
 $10.95  Buy Now 
 GABA Good Sleep Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz   GABA Good Sleep Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz 
Want to fall asleep naturally and have a restful and healing sleep time? Try the tea!...See More
 $10.95  Buy Now 
 GABA Green Tea 50 grams (1.76oz)   GABA Green Tea 50 grams (1.76oz) 
GABA Green Tea makes Good Health Pure and Simple. Eat right and stay healthy drinking Organic GABA Green Tea!...See More
 $9.95  Buy Now 
 GABA Mulberry Tea 1.765oz (50 gr)   GABA Mulberry Tea 1.765oz (50 gr) 
GABA Mulberry Tea is the best kept secret in America! Any tea drinkers knows that GABA is naturally recurring in Mulberry....See More
 $10.95  Buy Now 
 GABA Muscle Mass Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz   GABA Muscle Mass Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz 
Tea for strong muscles? Sure... Just ask Bruce Lee or Arnold!...See More
 $10.95  Buy Now 
 GABA Oolong Tea 50 grams (1.76 oz)   GABA Oolong Tea 50 grams (1.76 oz) 
The Best GABA Oolong Tea for dieting, and health benefits. It's GABA at its' best! Run, don't walk, to the checkout and don't look back......See More
 $9.95  Buy Now 
 GABA Tea - After Meals Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz   GABA Tea - After Meals Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz 
Delicious after dinner tea aids in the digestion process, and tastes great so you can enjoy your after dinner time!...See More
 $10.95  Buy Now 
 GABA Tea Choco-Mint (50 gr) 1.76 oz   GABA Tea Choco-Mint (50 gr) 1.76 oz 
Want a delicious after dinner relaxing cup of tea? Try GABA Choco-Mint Tea! A Low Caffeine Tea Blend that will rock your world!...See More
 $10.95  Buy Now 
 GABA Weight Loss Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz   GABA Weight Loss Tea (50 gr) 1.76 oz 
GABA Weight Loss Tea is the easiest and best way to lose weight and it tastes great too!...See More
 $11.95  Buy Now 
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